Atelier & kantoor, Zwijndrecht, 2012-2014

The plot of a former bicycle shop with dwelling is located on a long, straight, busy street, from where the Cathedral of Antwerp can be seen in the distance. The house at the front was completely demolished, the workshop was preserved. The lot is divided into three parts. In the front part, on the street side, a garage has been implemented on the ground floor and an apartment on the first and second floor. In the middle part there is the renovated workshop, which now serves as atelier/ studio with shed roof. In the rear part an office overlooking a garden was realized. The language of the shed roofs is repeated in several windows and skylights which were added to the main volumes as protruding elements. The clients are graphic designers. While IEA provided the main volumes, the clients provided for finishing and filling of the protruding volumes and interiors.