Antwerp, 2010

The project for the extension of a school with a varied program is marked by particular complexity, cause by (among others) the various user groups, the limited space, the location of the site between gardens and (closed) public institutions such as a prison and a monastery.
The design team IEA & META Utd. approached this complexity from as many different levels as possible, focusing on coherency as well as consistency within this approach, hereby establishing a high standard of clarity and depth.
Clarity, both in terms of spatial structure and architectural structure. An important element is the use of large Vierendeel trusses spanning and structuring the site. This extremely clear structure, allows for increased legibility and usability of the building, as well as offering a high level of control over the building process.
IEA & META Utd. proposes lowering the position of the large gym halls. This has numerous advantages, among others, in the areas of energy and acoustics, but also enables the conformation of the building in respect to the desired urban constraints. The architecture also provides a number of "benefits" as exceptional spaces, captivating views and additional open spaces.