Antwerp, 2015

The existing premises in Provinciestraat 224 is an amalgamation of two 19th century stores into a shop with a single family residence on top. During the past decades it was again transformed into an investment property and divided into a shop and three apartments above.
AG Vespa commissioned IEA to rehabilitate the building through an extensive renovation so that it can once again add value to the area.
IEA designs a commercial ground floor with a separate basement which is accessed directly from the store. On the first floor a compact apartment with one bedroom and balcony at the back. The second and third floors are designed as a duplex apartment, with a spacious roof terrace. This apartment has 2 bedrooms and an office space which can be used as a 3rd bedroom. The roof terrace is placed towards the street and has a fantastic view of along the axis of the Plantin Moretuslei. The apartments have a communal bicycle and waste disposal roomon the ground floor.