Antwerp, 2011-2015

Due to the demolition of an mansard roof and part of the second floor, a considerable amount of light and air was allowed back into the inner area of this urban plot. On the ground floor there are the living room, kitchen and dining area of housing unit 1. Here, a good spatial relationship is created with the courtyard. On the first floor there are the more private bedrooms of the two units. These are separated from each other by the stairwell of housing unit 2 and the bathrooms. On the second floor are the living room, kitchen and dining area of housing unit 2. The window openings are precisely placed so that privacy and minimal insight into the home of both the owner as well as the neighbors is insured. The plinth of the building is executed in green precast concrete elements. The facade of the 1st and 2nd floor is finished with natural wood cladding. On the wooden cladding a light steel frame structure will be provided for guiding evergreen climbing plants. A clear horizontal accent inserted in the wall will provide a clear demarcation between the first and second floor in order to accentuate the top floor, and thereby to create a relationship with the volume on the other side of the yard. On the second floor, a central recess provided with a pitch, was introduced.