Auby-Sur-Semois, 2010

IEA designed for a an artists couple and nature lovers a weekend retreat with an observation platform on a ridge in the hills of Aubis sur Semois in Wallonia.
The tower-like structure is made up of 3 volumes stacked on top of each other. A massive plinth, which is clad in local stone from the area and is partially buried in the ground, houses the bedrooms. On top of this plinth 2 wooden volumes with the entrance, the kitchen, dining room, living room and a roof terrace are stacked. All these areas are connected spatially and visually with each other through a split level treatment of the section.
The organization, form and material use are the result of a thorough investigation into local traditional building techniques and housing typologies. In order to insure maximum integration of the new design into this sensitive environment the office undertook, among other things, over the period of one year frequent consultations and debates with the municipality as well as the neighboring local residents.