Antwerp, 2015

Scheur 40 in a renovation of a corner house. The project is located on the corner of the green square at the intersection Jos Scheurweghstraat - De Manstraat in Deurne. The building is in red brick with bright contrasting white moldings and some austere, geometric facade ornaments, a style that is typical of this residential area. Originally this was a shop house with dwelling above. However, over the years the building was converted into an investment property, hence the groundfloor facade suffered significant modifications.
AG VESPA commissioned Import.Export ARCHITECTURE to re-renovate the corner house to single family residence.
In order to fully enjoy the sun and the view of the square, organized the living areas on the highest floor were organized around a small patio. The patio also allows daylight in the stairwell, which connects the upper floor living directly to an open office space on the first floor. On this level the bathroom and two spacious bedrooms are located. On the ground floor, next to a large entrance hall and laundry room there is an extra bedroom with adjacent sanitary cell.
The facade of the upper floors of the building is cleaned and repaired where necessary. Inspired by the use of brick in combination with playful elements of the windows, import.export designed for the ground floor a striking contemporary facade, the materialization of which references and complements to the original style of the building.